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"Nobody has ever eaten a better meal than that which one has earned by working with one's own hands” [Al-Bukhari]


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Self-Sustainable - Raising Cows (Bangladesh)

Self-Sustainable projects are an amazing way to help individuals generate their own income to help provide for themselves and their families

Raising Cows

During qurbani times especially, there is an increased demand and need for cows in order to fulfil the requirements upon Muslims

By donating a small cow, a person can feed and look after the cow until such a time where it can be sold for a profit. This can be anywhere up to 25% of the initial investment. This provides the person with the means of re-investing in another small cow whilst also enjoying the benefits of the profit made. They may also sell the cow at any point and re-invest in another bigger cow or it may be sold to be used as meat for any other occasion

Cost: £350 per small cow

Feedback will be provided to donor

This campaign is Sadaqah, Lillah & Zakat applicable

If you would like to contribute a small amount towards any self-sustainable project or fundraise for us you can click the box below. Please note that no individual feedback can be provided for this method

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