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About Us | Peoples Foundation
About Us | Peoples Foundation

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

People’s Foundation is a UK registered charity (No. 1191129)

We began as a humble group of friends who got together to raise money for local charities and people in need. As the group started to collect donations from family and friends we were astonished by the generosity of the people and realised we can do a lot more for others. This formed the basis of the organisation which started to expand from helping locally to providing aid on a global scale

Our Mission

People’s Foundation aim to provide basic essentials such as food, water, shelter, clothing and education all across the globe .We aim to provide relief from natural disasters and emergencies as and when needed

We are also committed to making the basic living conditions of all people better by providing fresh clean water through our hand pumps and water wells. We also wish to provide clothing and other basic essentials which many of us take for granted but is greatly received by those in need

Our Mission | Peoples Foundation
Aim For The Future | Peoples Foundation

Aim for the future

People’s Foundation also wish to make long term commitments such as building schools and mosques where education and faith can be practiced regularly and help build a better future for children and families

We also wish to bring a little joy where we can by providing toys and gifts which can brighten a child’s day and let them know that they deserving of happiness whatever situation they may currently find themselves in

100% Donation Policy

People’s Foundation is committed to helping those in need both locally and globally. We also try to provide relief in emergencies wherever in the world they may occur and we are still committed to helping out our local communities where this all began

This is why we operate on a  strict 100% donation policy. This means every penny of your donation goes towards helping others and making lives better. Donations specified for administration costs and Gift Aid helps us maintain our costs keeping your donations at 100%

100% Donation Policy | Peoples Foundation
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