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Gift Aid at

People's Foundation

Where we are able to collect Gift Aid from UK tax payers, this is prioritised towards administration costs. Any Gift Aid collected which is surplus to our administration costs goes into our general fund for humanitarian relief

What is Gift Aid
Gift Aid is a government scheme which allows charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer. This means your donations will be worth 25% more to the charity at no extra cost to yourself. Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year. You can use Gift Aid for a one off donation or for multiple and recurring donations

How it benefits the charity

  • We can claim back an extra 25p for every £1 donated at no extra cost

  • We can also claim back in the past four years (since the inception of the charity) and for any future donations

  • This money can be used to provide extra services and help whether it’s the running of the charity or any appeals and emergency support needed


How it benefits you

  • You only need to make the declaration once if you intend to make future or recurring donations and we can claim back on all those donations without you having to do anything extra

  • In essence when we claim back Gift Aid you are actually making a bigger donation than you realise and this does not cost you anything extra. This extra donation can help with several aspects of the charity

  • Higher rate taxpayers can claim further reliefs via their self assessment tax return. Please contact HMRC for more information on how to do this

What The Donor Needs to do
The donor must have paid at least as much in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in that tax year for us to claim Gift Aid:



Person A donates £100 to the charity allowing us to claim back £25 in Gift Aid. As long as person A has paid or will pay £25 in Income or Capital Gains Tax in the tax year the donation was made it will have no bearing on your tax

Person B donates £1,000 to the charity allowing us to claim back £250 in Gift Aid. However, person B has only paid £200 in Income Tax for the whole tax year. It is up to the individual themselves to pay back the tax owed, which in this case would be £50 as person B has paid less in tax that what was claimed through Gift Aid

Person C donates £1,000 to People’s Foundation and £2,000 in total to other charities throughout the tax year bringing the total that all charities will be claiming back Gift Aid on to £3,000. As long as person C has paid £750 in Income / Capital Gains Tax in the tax year they will not owe any further tax. The person may have paid a lot more to other charities as well but Gift Aid will only be claimed back on donations which have a declaration approving the tax relief

If you are unsure how much tax you have paid please contact HMRC or simply log in online via the Government Gateway to see an online overview of your records

The charity can only claim back on donations for which a declaration has been signed


You can request a Gift Declaration Form via post or email or download from our website

How to sign the declaration

  • In order for the charity to claim Gift Aid all the required information must be filled in

  • Please remember to tick whether you want us to claim back Gift Aid for a single donation made or for multiple donations (you only need to fill in the form once for multiple donations and we can claim back any previous and future donations made)

  • If you have a paper copy you can send it back to: People’s Foundation, Unit 9, Longsight Business Park, Hamilton Road, Manchester, M13 0PD

  • If you wish to email a copy to us please scan the document and email it to us at:

  • Verbal confirmation is also accepted by HMRC. You do not have to sign the declaration as long as you give us verbal consent to claim Gift Aid on your donation made. However, we would still need the other details required on the form before proceeding


Online Donations
If you donate online via website or through a charity appeals page please keep a look out for the Gift Aid option as some online forms have the option built in


What Happens Next
The charity will claim Gift Aid for any donations made where the declaration has been signed. We hope to try to get confirmation out when we receive your declaration but this may not always be possible. If you have signed up for multiple donations we will claim back Gift Aid on all your future donations until we are informed otherwise. You will not have to do anything else unless your circumstances change or you wish to cancel a declaration


Please Notify Us If

  • You wish to cancel the declaration

  • Change your name or home address

  • No longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains

You can cancel the declaration at any time by:

  • Writing to us at People’s Foundation, Unit 9, Longsight Business Park, Manchester, M13 0PD

  • Emailing us at

More information can be found on the HMRC website. We are happy to help if you have any queries or questions

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