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Complaints at

People's Foundation

People's Foundation aims to maintain a high standard of service with anyone who wants to engage and support our charity work. We always strive to improve as a charity organisation and welcome any kind of feedback that can help further our cause. Please contact us at and we would be more than happy to take your feedback on board

If you have a complaint to make, whether about a member of the organisation or the charity itself, please contact us immediately with your concerns and we will strive to respond back to you as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of the complaint we may be forced into looking into it further and in exceptional circumstance we may conduct a full investigation. We aim to keep you updated as much as we possibly can during any complaints procedure and hope to resolve any issues in a satisfactory manner

You can file a complaint in the following ways:

Write to us at:

People's Foundation

Unit 9, Longsight Business Park

Hamilton Road, Longsight

Manchester, M13 0PD

Email us at:

Alternatively you can proceed to the contact us page on our website and fill in the form. Please use the subject section to confirm that you wish to make a complaint before submitting

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