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People's Foundation

Privacy Policy

At People’s Foundation we take protecting your data seriously. We aim to be clear and transparent in how we collect and store any personal data, how we may use that data and what steps you can take to get in touch with us in regards to any queries about your personal information


Who are we?

People’s Foundation is a UK registered charity (no. 1191129) created to help in the aid of humanitarian relief locally and globally

We are registered at Unit 9, Longsight Business Park, Hamilton Road, Manchester, M13 0PD and we can also be reached by email at

What data do we collect?

We only collect data that is necessary for our charitable work. Such information may include your name, address, email, phone number and any other information that a donor may provide to help with our fund raising efforts. We may also collect payments details such as bank details and card information

How do we collect the data?

We may collect your data in the following situations:

  • When you make a donation to us

  • When you send us an email, contact us via phone or through our website

  • If you message us via our social media platforms

  • If you make a payment to one of our causes whether through our website, bank transfer or any other method of payment

  • If you sign up to a newsletter, campaign, volunteer or buy a ticket to an event

  • When you visit our website and accept cookies

  • When you donate through a fund raising platform

Why do we collect this data?

There are several instances as to why certain personal information is necessary for us to obtain however please bear in mind that People’s Foundation also accepts anonymous donations and respects the privacy of those who do not wish to be known


Instances where we may require some personal information:

  • When you make a donation and would like some feedback

  • When you donate to a particular cause or on behalf of someone

  • When you make an online payment or set up a recurring payment

  • For gift aid purposes

  • If you wish to be kept updated about our projects or campaign activities and would like to volunteer or get involved

  • If you wish to sign up to a newsletter or receive messages about our work

  • When you contact us regarding any other matter

  • To improve our services

  • When you donate through our fund raising platforms

  • Any other information that you may willingly volunteer to us to help with our charitable efforts

How do we keep your data safe?

People’s Foundation only collects your data where consent is given and we never pass on your information to any 3rd party company for marketing purposes


If donations are made by cash we would not require any information from that individual unless the donor gives consent. This may be for gift aid purposes or if the donation is made for a specific reason they may voluntarily give details as required


Any bank transfers and direct debit / standing orders are set up securely through the bank, in most cases by the donor themselves. In certain cases a donor may fill in a standing order form which will be taken into the bank to be processed and set up. We do not gather any other information from the individual apart from what is shown on the bank statements


Any payments made through our website would be processed via a secure online payment method such as Stripe or PayPal, as would any payment that is made through our fund raising platforms


Any data collected for gift aid purposes will be only accessible to the necessary individuals within the organization and stored in a private and secure network


Data that is collected from our fund raising platforms will only be accessible to the necessary individuals within the organization and stored in a private and secure network


Only members of the organization would contact a donor through personal information such as replying to an email or message and we never share this data to 3rd party companies for marketing purposes

Who else has access to my data?

People’s Foundation will never pass on your details to a 3rd party company for marketing purposes


We work alongside other charities and organizations to complete various projects and in some particular cases another organization may require certain information only for charitable purposes. We would only provide the necessary details (such as a name for a plaque) required to complete a project and any other information that the donor has given consent to


When you fill in data through a 3rd party fund raising platform you may be asked for consent to share your information with us


For gift aid purposes we may be required to share some of your personal information with Her Majesty’s Revenues & Customs (HMRC)


If law enforcement agencies instruct us to provide any information with a valid legal instruction


For health and safety reasons we may require some of your personal data


For due diligence purposes we may be required to share your information with other parties to do background checks


Some personal details may be viewable by other members through social media platforms such as when leaving comments on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube

How long is my data kept?

We only keep your personal details as long as is needed. For gift aid purposes we are required by the guidelines to keep your data for at least 6 years. We may keep your data if you are a regular donor for gift aid purposes and to make sure the information we have is still correct. Other details may be kept for record purposes as long as may be required

How can I withdraw my consent?

If you wish to withdraw consent please contact us via email at or write to us at:


People’s Foundation

Unit 9, Longsight Business Park,

Hamilton Road


M13 0PD


If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletters or emails please follow the guidelines provided or contact us


If you no longer wish to receive message from us people reply back asking us to cease contact


If you wish for us to remove your picture or video from our social media platforms please inform us


If you no longer wish for us to store your personal information please contact us and we will wipe your data at the earliest possible time (depending on circumstances such as fraud prevention or gift aid we may be required to keep some data for a certain amount of time)


If you simply need to change some information such as for gift aid purposes please inform us and we will update your information at the earliest convenience


We always advise you to contact People’s Foundation first to resolve any issues however you have the right to make your complaint to the ICO about the manner in which we use your data

Privacy policy updates

People’s Foundation reserves the right to modify this policy at any time so we advise you to review it frequently. Any changes or clarifications made will take immediate effect upon updating and posting the policy

Last Updated: 09/02/2021

Donations Policy

People's Foundation is a not for profit charity organisation whose mission is to help with humanitarian aid and relief

As such all donations made by a donor will be used towards our charitable efforts. All members within the organisation will be working on a voluntary basis and will not be paid in any financial way ensuring that the donations are used towards the charitable causes

100% Donations Policy

(excluding Gift Aid and specified donations for administration)

People's Foundation operates on a strict 100% donation policy and we try to be as transparent as possible as to how the donations are used

All the charity's administrative costs are covered by what we reclaim in Gift Aid and any donations made specifically towards admin costs

Gift Aid is a UK government scheme which allows us to reclaim tax paid on by your donations (where specified). This allows UK taxpayers to increase the value of any donations made by 25% at no extra cost to the donor. Any money claimed through gift aid will be used towards administrative costs and any surplus funds will be used at the trustees discretion towards a suitable charitable cause

Administrative costs will include anything in regards to the running of the charity and will also cover fees for other platforms or payment processing fees. These fees will be covered by the charity's admin and gift aid funds so that the donations will still be 100% and the amount raised as reported will be the amount used for a particular cause


Where donations will be used


Donations will be used according to the wishes of the donor. If a charitable cause is specified, the donations will go towards that specific cause. Donations made in certain criteria such as Zakat will be used strictly for that purpose

Donations made such as Sadaqah, where no specific cause is requested, the trustee members will use the donation towards the most urgent or suitable cause at their own discretion. All trustee members will decide unanimously on what projects are selected and where donations will be used

If donating via bank or any online platform we request you specify which of our charitable efforts you wish to contribute towards and if this donation fits any criteria such as Sadaqah or Zakat. In the case that you do not specify a charitable cause, or are making recurring donations that are not towards a specific cause, the trustees will use these funds for on-going projects, most urgent appeals or to fulfill the amount required for another cause

If the charity wishes to raise a certain amount towards a project that you have donated towards, but collects insufficient funds, the trustees may at their discretion move additional funds from general or Sadaqah donations to complete the project. Any surplus gift aid or admin funds may also be used for such occasions


If the charitable cause you have donated towards raises additional funds, or has been completed or expired, the trustees will allocate these funds towards a similar or appropriate project. The trustees may even hold onto these funds until the same project is restarted at a later date but will always be used for the intention intended by the donor

We can also collect and correctly apply donations by Islamic categories, like Fidya, Kaffarah, Zakat, Aqeeqah, these are restricted by Shariah criteria, in which the trustees will select the country based on overall considerations.

Zakat Policy

Further information on our Zakat Policy can be obtained by contacting our office

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