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"Nobody has ever eaten a better meal than that which one has earned by working with one's own hands” [Al-Bukhari]


Self-Sustainable - Crop Farming (Zimbabwe)

Self-Sustainable projects are an amazing way to help individuals generate their own income to help provide for themselves and their families

Crop Farming

There is always a demand for crops whether locally, nationally or even internationally. The climate in Zimbabwe is suitable for various types of crops, some of which can even be grown all year round

Tomatoes (1/4 hectare which measures 100m x 25m or 50m x 50m)

Tomatoes take 3-4 months to harvest and the market for tomatoes is always there and produces a high return of profits. The beneficiary can re-invest some of the profits into new seedlings or save healthy seeds from their current batch to grow again next harvest. This provides them with a continuous system where they will be able to generate income for many years

Cost: £400

The costs will cover seedlings, fertilizer, pesticides and other expenses



Beans Farming

Natal Sugar Beans will be provided for growing and harvesting. The beans can then be sold after harvest for profits and new beans can be grown again to continue with the cycle

Cost: £450

The costs will cover seeds, fertilizer, labour and other expenses

Maize Farming

Maize is a staple crop, not just in Zimbabwe, but many countries across the globe and the harvest can be used in a variety of ways. It has many uses such as food for humans, feed for livestock or even for for chemical purposes which means there will always be demand for it. Maize can be grown year upon year providing a continuous source of food and profits for many years to come

Cost: £700

The costs will cover seeds, labour, tillage, fertilizer, harvesting and other expenses

Feedback will be provided to donor for these projects

This campaign is Sadaqah, Lillah & Zakat applicable

If you would like to contribute a small amount towards any self-sustainable project or fundraise for us you can click the box below. Please note that no individual feedback can be provided for this method

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