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"Nobody has ever eaten a better meal than that which one has earned by working with one's own hands” [Al-Bukhari]


Self-Sustainable - Business Startup (Zimbabwe)

Self-Sustainable projects are an amazing way to help individuals generate their own income to help provide for themselves and their families

Business Startup

By providing someone with the relevant tools needed you can help someone start and run their own business. This could benefit not just the person themselves but their family, villages and towns where the business can expand and create a long term legacy

Sewing Business

Providing someone with a sewing machine is like giving them a lifetime asset which can be used continuously for a very long time. The beneficiary can learn and implement new skills and create an income through tailoring, repairing and maybe even creating their own clothes

Cost: £250

This will provide the beneficiary with an electrical sewing machine, materials to get started and even training



Goat Business

Goats can be kept for a long time and multiply every year. They are easy to rear and can have many uses such as for meat or milk. It can provide a continued and sustainable source of income as the cycle continues year after year

Cost: £300 (10 Goats)

This will provide the beneficiary with 10 goats to start with as well as hay for the goats to feed on

Catering Business

A great way for someone to potentially showcase their food knowledge and at the same time provide a service that is always in demand, whether for weddings, parties or anything else. The person may take it upon themselves to cook some delicious meals or hire other workers as the business starts to grow

Cost: £500

This will provide the beneficiary with catering equipment, food materials to get started and cover a few other expenses

Feedback will be provided to donor for these projects

This campaign is Sadaqah, Lillah & Zakat applicable

If you would like to contribute a small amount towards any self-sustainable project or fundraise for us you can click the box below. Please note that no individual feedback can be provided for this method

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