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"Nobody has ever eaten a better meal than that which one has earned by working with one's own hands” [Al-Bukhari]


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Self-Sustainable - Petrol Rickshaw (Pakistan)

Self-Sustainable projects are an amazing way to help individuals generate their own income to help provide for themselves and their families

Petrol Rickshaws

There is always a demand for travel in Pakistan and many people like to use the quick and easy method of rickshaw travel as the majority of people do not own their own cars. This is a heavily used and trusted form of travel within Asian countries

This means there is always a demand for rickshaw drivers and by providing an individual with a petrol powered rickshaw you can help create a reliable and steady source of income for that person. As the rickshaws are petrol powered there is less effort required for the drivers as previous models that included just cycling. The individual can become self-sufficient and earn on a regular basis to provide basic necessities for themselves and any family members

Cost: £550 per petrol rickshaw

Feedback will be provided to donor

This campaign is Sadaqah, Lillah & Zakat applicable

If you would like to contribute a small amount towards any self-sustainable project or fundraise for us you can click the box below. Please note that no individual feedback can be provided for this method

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