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Yemen Water Tankers (August 2023)

5 Water Tankers were sent across neighbourhoods in Yemen to provide safe, clean drinking water to the communities. Each water tanker contained around 30,000 litres meaning that in total around 150,000 litres of water was delivered

Yemen Water Tankers

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that there are places in countries like Yemen where there is no access to safe drinking water within towns and cities, but unfortunately this is the reality facing some of our brothers and sisters in Yemen

Water is the most vital element of all but not everyone has access to it. In places where there is no constant supply and water wells cannot be built, the only method is to transport water in tankers to the community. Although not the ideal solution, it can nevertheless be a life saving one


You can donate towards our Gift of Water campaigns through our website by going to appeals and selecting Gift of Water or donate through the bank with the reference "Gift of Water"

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