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Solar Panel Water Wells In Pakistan (August 2021)

During Ramadhan we raised enough donations to construct 6 Solar Panel Water Wells in Pakistan. We are pleased to announce that all 6 Water Wells have now been constructed and will be providing fresh clean water to thousands of individuals

Solar Powered Water Wells

During Ramadhan many of our fundraisers ran 30k (or more) in 30 days to raise funds, as well as some businesses sponsoring the building of these essential Solar Water Wells . The gift of Water is such an excellent form of Sadaqah Jariyah and can benefit many people for many years. The construction of these Solar Water Wells will provide a population of approximately 5,597 consisting of around 875 households in total

A big thank you to all the fundraisers, sponsors and people who donated towards this wonderful cause


You can donate towards our Gift of Water projects through our website and see the different types of hand pumps and solar wells we build in various countries

Get Inspired

You can email us with any ideas or suggestions on the details at the bottom of this page or just click here to see some of our fundraising campaigns. You can also browse our website to see all our appeals we have on-going and see some of our completed work


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