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Ramadhan 2021 Summary (May 2021)

This has been our most successful Ramadhan appeal to date and we wanted to share with our donors a summary of how much we managed to raise and where these donations will be utilised

Total Summary

With all donations collected from our various Ramadhan appeals we are pleased to report that we have raised over £75,000 for various campaigns:

✅ Iftar Distribution 5000+

✅ Eid Gifts

✅ 75+ Food Pack Distribution

✅ 8 PK Solar Panel Water Wells

✅ 1 Yemen Solar Panel Water Well

✅ 64 Handpumps / Water Wells

✅ 4 Yemen WaterTanks

✅ Medical Kits and Wheelchair Distribution

✅ 4 Hifz Sponsorship

⏳ BD School (Ongoing)

⏳ BD Clinic (Ongoing)

⏳ Gaza Emergency Appeal (Ongoing)

Iftar 5000

Every Ramadhan we aim to provide Iftar meals to as many people as we can and this year we aimed for our highest target yet by providing at least 5000 Iftar meals in 5 different countries. We are pleased to say that we were able to reach this target and more and we will look to be continuing this campaign for many Ramadhans to come

Eid Gifts

Continuing with our Eid Gifts campaign we were able to provide some toys and gifts to the children of Lebanon and Bangladesh this year

Food Pack Distribution

On top of our Iftar meals we have also been distributing food packs across the globe. We will be continuing this campaign throughout the year and will be looking to send many more food packs and food parcels where it is most needed

Solar Wells in Pakistan

Our fundraisers and donors were greatly interested in completing a big Gift of Water project this Ramadhan. We decided to build as many Solar Panel Water Wells as we could in areas of Pakistan where it is most required. We initially started out with a modest target but ultimately we raised enough to build 8 Solar Panel Water Wells in total

A special thanks to our fundraisers who ran 30k (and more in some cases) in 30 days whilst fasting to raise the required amounts. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the supporters of the fundraisers who helped and encouraged the fundraisers in this monumental effort

We will be sharing the feedback from these solar wells in the future once construction has been completed and finalised

Gift of Water

During this blessed month we can understand how difficult it is to go without food and especially water for long periods of time. Many people wanted to help those less fortunate by providing them with access to a basic essential of life through our Gift of Water campaigns

In all we received donations for around 64 hand pumps and water wells in various countries, at least 4 water tankers in Yemen and 1 Solar Panel Water Well in Yemen. These projects are a great form of Sadaqah Jariyah and we pray that they can make a difference in many lives

Hifz Sponsorships

We received 4 Hifz Sponsorships during Ramadhan that each will provide for a child's Islamic studies for 3 years. Imagine all the benefits and rewards gained from this kind act as the child goes on to learn and then teach Islam throughout their lives

On-going Campaigns

Although most of the campaigns are still on-going there are a few like the Iftar 5000 and Eid Gifts projects that will only be activated during certain times

Our other major appeals during this month were for a Clinic to be built from scratch in Bangladesh, help with our school in Bangladesh and our Gaza appeal, all of which will be on-going

You can still donated towards these campaigns and we will be bringing updates from them in the future

Ramadhan 2021 Summary - Peoples Foundation

Get Inspired

You can email us with any ideas or suggestions on the details at the bottom of this page or just click here to see some of our fundraising campaigns. You can also browse our website to see all our appeals we have on-going and see some of our completed work


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