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Ramadan 2022: Food Packs in Pakistan (April 2022)

To help people keep sustained and be able to fulfil their fasts, this Ramadan we distributed some food packs before and during Ramadan to families so that they can have some form of meals for both starting and breaking of their fasts

Food Packs in Pakistan

In Sindh, Pakistan, many of the areas are rural and almost desert like. This makes living conditions tough in these areas and access to basic necessities such as food and water is not so readily available

In order to help some of the families living in these conditions, we distributed food packs during Ramadan to some of the most isolated and poorest individuals, in order to help them have at least enough provisions, making the month of Ramadan just that bit more fulfilling for them


You can donate towards our Food Aid campaigns through our website by going to appeals and selecting Food Aid or donate through the bank with the reference "Food Aid"

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