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Masjid Projects (February 2022)

The People's Foundation are happy to announce that with your Sadaqah and Direct Debits through the charity, we will be constructing three new mosques located in; Uganda, Pakistan & Bangladesh

Masjid Projects

We did not make any appeals for these projects as they are entirely funded by your Sadaqah Jariyah and Direct Debits that we have received, ensuring you are reaping the benefits of Sadaqah Jariyah on a continuous basis knowing your donations are helping the most vulnerable and needed projects

We will provide further updates upon completion of each Masjid and it is our intention to build more Masjids across the world


You can donate towards our Masjid campaigns through our website by going to appeals and selecting Masjid or donate through the bank with the reference "Masjid"

You can also create a direct debit payment through your bank or go to the "how to donate" section on our website to set up regular payments

Get Inspired

You can email us with any ideas or suggestions on the details at the bottom of this page or just click here to see some of our fundraising campaigns. You can also browse our website to see all our appeals we have on-going and see some of our completed work


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