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Homes 4 Yemen (December 2021)

People's Foundation, with your help and support, are aiming to help construct a home for displaced people in Yemen. We initially hope to help build a home in a small village and will look to expand more in the future

Why people have been left homeless?

Yemen has been ravaged by war, natural disasters and man-made afflictions that have left many people without homes or any form of shelter. This includes families and children who are forced to leave behind everything they once had and are now without any kind of shelter or living in makeshift tents

How can we help?

Across Yemen there are many new villages being built to facilitate the people that have been left homeless. Generous donors and organisations have been contributing to the building of these villages by contributing towards many aspects of construction

New Homes

A new home consisting of 2 rooms, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen can be constructed from as little as £1,500. When we think about the high prices of buying a house within our locality we sometimes don't even mind paying a few thousand pounds extra for our dream home. That extra cost may get you a luxury feature within the house but all that the people of Yemen need is a small percentage of that to have a full home which can provide them with shelter, dignity and privacy


You can donate towards our Homes 4 Yemen via this link:

You can also contribute to this campaign through our website by going to appeals and selecting "Home Constructions" or donate through the bank with the reference "Homes 4 Yemen"

Homes 4 Yemen - Peoples Foundation

Get Inspired

You can email us with any ideas or suggestions on the details at the bottom of this page or just click here to see some of our fundraising campaigns. You can also browse our website to see all our appeals we have on-going and see some of our completed work


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