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Gift of Water Updates (October 2021)

A long term and on-going campaign for us is to provide clean, fresh water to as many people as we possibly can. To date we have constructed over 375 water outlets whether in the form of hand pumps, water wells or solar water wells

Gift of Water

Water is a gift that we sometimes take for granted as we have a consistent supply to fresh, clean drinking water at our disposal. However, not all people have the same luxury and there are many parts of the world where even this basic necessity is seen as a rarity. Many families and individuals have to travel miles just to get some water and others have no choice but to drink disease ridden water just to satisfy their thirst

People's Foundation are aiming to build as many hand pumps, water wells and solar water wells in different parts of the globe to combat water poverty. We hope this can provide individuals, families, villages and whole communities with the kind of access to clean water that we have become so accustomed to. Once we build a structure it will provide for people for many years and generations to come


You can donate towards our Gift of Water campaigns through our website by going to appeals and selecting Gift of Water or donate through the bank with the reference "Gift of Water"

You can donate towards whole hand pumps or water wells whether in honour or memory of a loved one thereby providing the person with continuous Sadaqah Jariyah. Please see our website for more details

Get Inspired

You can email us with any ideas or suggestions on the details at the bottom of this page or just click here to see some of our fundraising campaigns. You can also browse our website to see all our appeals we have on-going and see some of our completed work


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