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Completion of Another Masjid in Pakistan (September 2022)

We are delighted to announce that construction has been completed for another new Masjid in Pakistan. The funds for this Masjid were raised during our Ramadan 2022 appeals and we would like to thank everyone involved in this project

Completion of another Masjid in Pakistan

This Masjid was built using funds raised from our Ramadan 2022 appeals. After the positive response we received from the first Masjid we built in Pakistan, we decided to build another in this country as part of our Ramadan 2022 projects

The Masjid was built in Village Arbani, in the Ghotki district of Pakistan. The Masjid can accommodate around 300 people and can be used for several Islamic and community purposes


You can donate towards our Masjid campaigns through our website by going to appeals and selecting Masjid or donate through the bank with the reference "Bricks 4 Jannah"

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