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Bangladesh Floods Emergency Appeal (October 2020)

Every year Bangladesh suffers the natural disaster of flooding and the havoc it causes can leave people without their homes, shelter, food or even loved ones. Peoples Foundation and its generous donors try to help every year with whatever we can to help ease the suffering of the people involved

Emergency Appeal

Flooding can affect people in many different ways. Not only can people lose their entire homes and livelihoods, many people also suffer the terrible loss of loved ones too. We may not be able to stop nature from taking its course but we can always provide food, shelter and comfort to those who are in desperate need. Without a home or a means to provide food for their families, many people greatly depend on the generosity of kind individuals to help them recover and rebuild to continue with their lives

Get Inspired

You can email us with any ideas or suggestions on the details at the bottom of this page or just click here to see some of our fundraising campaigns. You can also browse our website to see all our appeals we have on-going and see some of our completed work


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