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Food Aid | Peoples Foundation


“Whichever believer feeds a hungry believer, Allah (swt) feeds him from the fruits of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection…” [Al-Tirmidhi]


Food Aid - Most Needy

Any donations made here will be used towards the most urgent causes

Feed The World

People's Foundation have implemented an initiative where we consistently provide Food Aid to various different areas across the globe in order to highlight the problem of food poverty across the world

We aim to provide Food Packs, Food Parcels or cooked Hot Meals wherever we can to combat food poverty, and the vast areas we are covering highlights just how bad the situation really is

Your donations can go a long way in helping the poorest and most needy who may have no other means of sustaining themselves and can go hungry and starving for large periods of time

Help us combat food poverty around the world by donating as little or as much as you wish

Many of the projects are Zakat applicable as well as Sadaqah & Lillah applicable

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