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Rohingya Camp Fire Emergency (April 2021)

Recently a fire spread through a camp for Rohingya Muslims in a settlement area in Bangladesh. The fire devastated the camp and left many people, who were already with so little, without homes, shelter or any food

Rohingya Camp Fire

The Rohingya Muslims already have had a difficult enough time and suffered through a lot. Many have had to settle in areas and camps after fleeing from their homes and previous lives. Unfortunately, in one of these camps a fire broke out and spread across rapidly, destroying many homes and shelters. The people who already had so little have now been virtually left with nothing and we believe it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters in need


We would like to thank everyone who donated towards his appeal and pray that what little we could do has helped in some way or form. We tried to respond to the emergency as rapidly as possible to launch this appeal and the overwhelming response was amazing to see. We hope that with your donations, and help from other sources, the people can be provided food packs and shelter and slowly look to rebuild their lives

Rohingya Camp Fire Emergency - Peoples Foundation

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