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Completion of Another Masjid in Bangladesh (October 2022)

We are delighted to announce that construction has been completed for another new Masjid in Bangladesh. This Masjid was built to replace a structure made of bamboo and tin that was previously being used, and we pray that this gives the people a long-lasting place for worship

Masjid Projects

A Masjid is a house of Allah (swt) and there are many benefits and rewards in building, repairing and maintaining a Masjid. It is a safe haven where people can worship, teach, learn and fulfil many of their obligations. It is seen as a form of Sadaqah Jariyah as you can expect to reap the rewards as people continue to worship there

Completion of another Masjid in Bangladesh

A Masjid was identified that needed extensive work to provide a more comfortable setting for its purposes. It was a simple structure made of bamboo sticks, tin walls and roof and few supports, however due to the lack of other facilities available to the people in the area a new Masjid was planned to be built in its place

About the Masjid

Name: Baitus Salam Masjid

Location: Fatehpur (1st section), P/O Borongor, Gowainghat, Sylhet

Capacity: Approximately 120 people

Beneficiaries: There are around 3-4 villages in the area, with around 40-50 houses in the vicinity of the Masjid. There are anywhere between 200-300 people living withing the area who will benefit most from the Masjid

Opening: The Masjid was officially opened in August 2022 during a weekly Jummah session and was attended by a large number of people, including children. A small opening ceremony took place and all attendees were given a small meal too

Baitus Salam Masjid - Report
Download PDF • 371KB


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